BioID Admissions Info at BME GA Tech

From the Director


When you choose the Biomedical Innovation and Development (MBID) graduate program at Georgia Tech, you are choosing a program designed to benefit your career, your industry, and the future of medical innovation.

In this unique professional master’s program, your course of study will combine biomedical engineering, graduate-level business development and management, and hands-on product design, development, and commercialization.  Working with practicing healthcare and biomedical professionals, you and your team will be challenged to create new solutions addressing unmet clinical needs in diagnosis, treatment, surgery, hospital care, patient rehabilitation, or home healthcare environments.

Graduates of this intensive, one-year program will emerge with the next-generation skills required to design, develop, and lead the medical device industry toward innovative new ventures in a global complex marketplace.

If this vision of your future appeals to you, take a few minutes to explore this website and consider how a professional degree in biomedical innovation and development can accelerate your career.

If you have questions or would like to visit the campus, just let us know.


Professor Sathya Gourisankar
Executive Director