An Industry Perspective

BioID Industry Perspective

Why should your company support employees or potential recruits seeking a professional master’s degree in biomedical innovation and development?

Industry supporters of the program cite many advantages, ranging from device design experience to understanding regulatory considerations to learning to work in multidisciplinary settings.  In particular, biomedical business leaders acknowledge that they currently dedicate significant resources to providing on-the-job training for new engineers– an expense they expect the new MBID training will help them avoid.

Several Atlanta-based biotechnology industry leaders shared their expectations about the new program in their own words:

“We believe this program provides a very good understanding of the full life cycle needs for medical device design, manufacturing, regulatory, funding, and marketing. In fact we felt this program provided such a good foundation and understanding of what is needed in the Medical device industry that we offered positions in our company to all five graduates that we interviewed.”
--Howard Baker, Vice President, Quality & Regulatory Affairs
Facet Technologies, LLC


“Bridging the gap between basic research and commercialization is an important need, and the MBID program appears well-suited to address this need.  Graduates need the knowledge in innovation, development, and commercialization of medical devices to implement entrepreneurship and public services as common practices in the workplace.”
--Todd Newton, Chief Financial Officer
ArthroCare Corporation


“We have reviewed this program and compared it to our training strategies at Carticept Medical, Inc.  All seven core courses included in the curriculum are essential to produce practical and knowledgeable engineers capable of leading research and development.”
--Timothy J. Patrick, President and CEO
Carticept Medical, Inc.


“We think the program has much merit to produce viable candidates for the medical device industry and for companies like ours.  Our company has an extensive on-boarding process to teach young engineers the processes involved in the development of medical technology; the program you propose would go a long way towards providing this need for our company.”
--Rafael V. Andino, Research and Development Director
Bard Medical Division, C.R. Bard Inc.